January 4, 2013

La Aventura Literaria: Resources for Spanish Literature

From http://ntic.educacion.es/w3//eos/MaterialesEducativos/mem/aventlitera/index.html

La aventura literaria is a website by the Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte in Spain. Learn about different literary movements, terms used for describing literature, the historical and social context of different eras of literature, assignments based on different works of literature, and a glossary of Spanish words that students aren’t likely to know outside of literary works. More central to the site’s purpose, you can learn about famous literary figures and read selections of their work, and you can use an online library to read summaries of great works.

Browse through the available resources at http://ntic.educacion.es/w3//eos/MaterialesEducativos/mem/aventlitera/index.html

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