January 11, 2013

Indiana Association of Students of German

From http://indiana.aatg.org/iasg/index.html

The Indiana Association of Students of German (IASG) was established to promote interest in and study of the German language and culture, to promote closer cooperation among junior and senior high school and college organizations, and to provide an opportunity for extracurricular association among students and teachers of German in the State of Indiana.

IASG hosts Staatskongress, which is an annual event held every February. Since 1984, students of German have met to engage in workshops, competitions and displays of German studies and culture. This year’s Staatskongress will be February 16th, and the registration deadline is February 5th. Learn more at http://indiana.aatg.org/iasg/iasg_web_site_005.htm

IASG also awards scholarships to students who are traveling to a German-speaking country in the summer, and recognizes a person who has contributed significantly to the spirit of the IASG Staatskongress with the Judith Eaton award.

The active membership of IASG consists of students who are currently enrolled in German at various participating middle schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges and universities in Indiana. For additional information, go to the IASG website at http://indiana.aatg.org/iasg/index.html

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