October 21, 2012

Research Brief: The CREATE Program: A Comprehensive Model for Instruction of Academic Language and Literacy in the Content Areas

From http://www.cal.org/create/resources/pubs/comprehensive-model-for-instruction-of-academic-language-and-literacy-in-the-content-areas.html

Teachers of English language learners are finding scaffolded learning, which is recommended by second language acquisition researchers, to be in contradiction with district and state expectations for providing academic rigor and preparing students for independent performance on high-stakes tests.

The Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE) has responded to this challenge by integrating academic language development into the rigorous content area instruction of learners in the middle grades. This research brief is intended to explain instructional implications from the 7-year CREATE program of study as well as to guide practitioners in implementing the findings. School leaders who are interested in reforms that target academic language development within content area instruction to boost the achievement of both English learners and English-proficient students will benefit from the approach described in this brief. It will also be valuable for preservice and inservice teachers who are interested in practical techniques for creating scaffolded tasks in lesson plans that are aligned with grade-level content standards.

Read the brief at http://www.cal.org/create/resources/pubs/comprehensive-model-for-instruction-of-academic-language-and-literacy-in-the-content-areas.html

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