October 14, 2012

Guide: Tying Common Core and English-Proficiency

From http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/10/10/07ell.h32.html

Guide: Tying Common Core and English-Proficiency
By Lesli A. Maxwell
October 9, 2012

As school districts forge ahead in putting the common academic standards into practice, many states are still revising or creating new English-language-proficiency standards to spell out for teachers the sophisticated language skills that their English-learner students will need to succeed with the rigorous new academic expectations.

To help states with that task, the Washington-based Council of Chief State School Officers late last month released a detailed set of guidelines created by English-language-learner experts and some of the lead writers of the Common Core State Standards in English/language arts and mathematics, as well as the Next Generation Science Standards. The new guide, or framework, as it's formally called, is designed to be a road map for states as they update, revamp, and rewrite the English-language-proficiency standards that teachers will use as guideposts to help ELL students acquire the academic language necessary to learn the new content.’

Read more and find links to the new guide at http://www.edweek.org/ew/articles/2012/10/10/07ell.h32.html?tkn=PYCF%2FvFRpzyFO2V5x8czFgo2IewqKvcwSfuz&cmp=clp-sb-ascd

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