September 9, 2012

Arizona, Feds Settle Complaint over Students with Limited English


Arizona, feds settle complaint over students with limited English
by Anne Ryman
August 31, 2012

Arizona public schools will be required to offer intense language instruction to tens of thousands of students after a federal civil-rights investigation determined they were incorrectly identified as being fluent in English.

Under an intervention plan announced Friday after a two-year federal investigation, schools will be required to offer special reading and writing classes to an estimated 42,000 students who were enrolled in English learning programs over the past five years.

The settlement also requires the state to develop new criteria that correctly identifies students who need English-language services and outlines when those services should end.

No additional money will be allocated to schools to enact the settlement, because the state Department of Education said it believes many of those students are already receiving intervention from the schools.

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