September 28, 2012

New Websites for Children Learning Spanish, French, and Welsh

From the MFLResources listserv:

[P]lease find below links to our new free language learning websites for children studying French, Spanish and Welsh :

There are lessons, games and tests for 56 topics for each language, all with great audio and visuals. The topics cover core ks2 and ks3 language.
The games are single player versions of hangman, pelmanism, etc. intended for home learning/revision.

The sites are free to use for all materials. There are a couple of adverts that support the sites, but they are not intrusive, and on many pages the learner can go full screen and not see them at all. Unsuitable ad categories have been blocked.

The sites are built in flash and are suitable for all browsers that support flash (but not for the ipod/iphone).

We are working on a similar site for German.

Lewis, T. [mflresources] New high quality MFL learning sites for pupils. MFLResources listserv (, 24 Sep 2012).

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