September 22, 2012

Fall 2012 Census of College and University Russian Programs

From the SEELANGS listserv:

Dear colleagues,

Over 35 universities have responded thus far to the CCPCR annual enrollment census launched last week. Over 80 institutions reliably participate in this census each year, and we would like to increase that number to provide the best possible survey of programs across the country. If your program has yet to participate, or has not yet responded this time, please read on! (You can check your program's status and current responses by clicking on:

The Fall 2012 census of college and university Russian programs is now underway. We are requesting your current enrollments now that the semester is underway and your class numbers have, for the most part, stabilized. Hopefully, things have settled down for the fall semester, and we'd appreciate it if you would please take a couple of minutes to help us (and you!) follow the national trends in our discipline. Last year's data reflected stability and some growth in enrollments, and we hope to find that this trend is continuing.

As in the past, we are requesting your 1st and 2nd year enrollments in Russian. In addition to Russian, we are also listing any OTHER SLAVIC and EE LANGUAGES taught at your institution. Over 80 institutions responded last year, and their data is now available on the website (just click on the website address below to get to the home page and the College/University enrollment data). Along with your Russian enrollments, we will list those additional languages; and if you have the data, the enrollments at the first and 2nd year levels in those languages.

You can easily access the CCPCR website to view past responses from your program and others around the country by clicking on the website address below. There you will find the display of last year's data and Russian enrollments dating back to 2002 by selecting the College Enrollment link on the home page. Other Slavic and EE language data is provided for the past two years.

Please respond with your information by selecting our e-mail address: ccpcr at american dot edu. This link is also available on the home page in the College and University enrollments section.

If you don't have access to your Russian enrollment numbers, but can provide a list of the Slavic and EE languages taught at the 1st and 2nd year levels, please send that. A national overview of the extent of our offerings in Slavic and EE languages, or at least a sense of the extent, will emerge from your responses to give the profession a better idea of the distribution and depth of such courses across the country.

Many thanks for providing your program's data!


John Schillinger
Chair, CCPCR
Committee on College and Pre-College Russian
e-mail: ccpcr at american dot edu

Schillinger, J. [SEELANGS] Annual Slavic & EE enrollment census. SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU, 20 Sep 2012).

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