September 16, 2012

Cultural Camp for Young, Adopted Latinos


Minnesota Mix: A cultural camp for young, adopted Latinos
by Nikki Tundel
September 7, 2012

They were born in Guatemala, Bolivia, and Ecuador and adopted by families in New York, California, and Wisconsin. And last month, they all convened at a camp in Lakeville, Minn., geared specifically for them -- adopted children who were born in Latin American countries.

Some 500 children spent part of their summer vacation at La Semana -- Spanish for "the week" -- a culture camp that immerses them in the traditions of their birth countries.

While they're at the camp, the children get a crash course in Spanish -- a language many of these American-raised kids don't speak. Hot dogs and roasted marshmallows are replaced by tamales and sweet empanadas. And instead of Kumbaya, its Cumbia, a Colombian style of dance.

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