July 7, 2012

One-Day Summer Camp / Arabic without Walls for High School Students

From http://nmelrc.org/camp/aww

The National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) is pursuing a project, with funding from Qatar Foundation International, to reach out to high school students across the nation, especially in underserved and rural areas.

This initiative consists of two components: 1) Students begin with an intensive one-day Arabic language and culture camp in their hometown or region; 2) They continue studying Arabic in a highly interactive format via our asynchronous distance learning course, Arabic without Walls (AWW), which includes regular live interaction with a BYU-based tutor in order to assist camp participants as a community of online learners to move forward in a systematic fashion in acquiring proficiency in using Arabic for real-world purposes. NMELRC is looking for educational partners or groups of parents around the country who would like to partner with them in this project.

Financial aid is available for students who cannot afford to pay the full cost of the camp and course.

For more details go to http://nmelrc.org/camp/aww and http://nmelrc.org/one-day-camp-and-arabic-without-walls

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