July 7, 2012

Book: The Top 1,300 Words for Understanding Media Arabic

From http://press.georgetown.edu/book/languages/top-1300-words-understanding-media-arabic

The Top 1,300 Words for Understanding Media Arabic
By Elisabeth Kendall
Published by Georgetown University Press

The Middle East is a key region for politics and business and it is essential that scholars, journalists, government workers, military personnel, businesspeople, and diplomats familiarize themselves quickly with Arabic/English translations for many key words and phrases used in the media. Media Arabic—the language of printed or broadcast news items—emphasizes contemporary terms like "multiculturalism" or "globalization" that are not covered by most Arabic dictionaries.

This practical vocabulary reference provides concise and accessible lists of the most relevant vocabulary, providing key terms for translating from and into Arabic. The Arabic terms are organized by topic and the book now includes an index of English terms to help readers more easily find what they need. These word lists furnish readers with an invaluable knowledge of basic vocabulary used in the media to comprehend, translate, and write Arabic.

Audio MP3 files of all vocabulary words in English and Arabic—available as a free download at http://www.press.georgetown.edu/languages —allow the reader to hear the words, check pronunciation, and test themselves.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://press.georgetown.edu/book/languages/top-1300-words-understanding-media-arabic

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