July 7, 2012

New York Times Launches Chinese Version

From http://www.k-international.com/blog/the-new-york-times-now-speaks-chinese

Last week, the New York Times learned a new language: Chinese. The US-based media company launched a Chinese-language website last Thursday at cn.nytimes.com.

According to the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog, a majority of the content will consist of existing articles that have been translated into Chinese. However, approximately 1/3 of it is expected to be original, created by freelance contributors and the newspapers’ Chinese reporters and staff.

The new website in Chinese is available at http://www.k-international.com/blog/the-new-york-times-now-speaks-chinese
Read a statement from the New York Times about the new Chinese version at http://mediadecoder.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/27/the-times-is-introducing-a-chinese-language-news-site
Read a blog post about the new release at http://www.k-international.com/blog/the-new-york-times-now-speaks-chinese

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