July 7, 2012

Five Ways To Assess Oral Communication

From http://ochoamores.typepad.com/morespanish/2012/07/five-for-friday-5-ways-to-assess-oral-communication-face-to-face.html

Teacher Sherry Amorocho writes:

“In addition to the digital ways that I assess oral work, I have several informal ways of checking my students’ speaking skills. I don’t want to stifle emerging communicative skills by taking off points for mistakes, so most of these checks are based on effort rather than accuracy. My grades are weighted, and these informal assessments will be listed under the ‘participation’ category along with the formal assessments I talked about in the previous post.”

Read her five suggestions at http://ochoamores.typepad.com/morespanish/2012/07/five-for-friday-5-ways-to-assess-oral-communication-face-to-face.html

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