July 7, 2012

Salem State University Announces $1.9m Grant To Train ESL Teachers

From http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/salem/2012/06/by_ryan_mooney_globe_correspon.html

Salem State announces $1.9m grant to train ESL teachers
by Ryan Mooney
June 29, 2012

Salem State University announced this week the receipt of a five-year, $1.9 million grant from the Massachusetts Department of Education to be used for the training of English Language Learning (ELL) teachers. The university will partner with Salem, Lynn, and Revere to train current teachers in Secondary English Immersion (SEI) and put new SEI-certified teachers into the three school systems.

The announcement of the new program - coming on the heels of a $1.5 million grant awarded to the Bentley Elementary School, which faces the threat of a state takeover after being tagged with a Level 4 designation last fall - should bode well for Salem's overall school turnaround plan, which puts an emphasis on SEI as the district's non-English-speaking student demographic continues to grow each year.

Read the full article at http://www.boston.com/yourtown/news/salem/2012/06/by_ryan_mooney_globe_correspon.html

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