April 1, 2012

Spring 2012 Issue of AccELLerate!

NCELA Quarterly Review: AccELLerate!
Spring 2012 - Volume 4: Issue 3
Preparing Pre-service Teachers To Work With English Learners

NCELA is pleased to announce the publication of a new edition of AccELLerate!

Due to the increased inclusion of ELs in general education classrooms, it is essential that all teachers, including content-area teachers, possess the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to teach these students effectively. The articles in this issue underscore the benefits of interweaving the reality of today’s classrooms, the needs of ELs, and the preparation of prospective teachers across disciplines and at all levels.

In this Issue:
Blankenship Pedagogic Identity Development of Two ESOL Pre-Service Teachers Participating in Simulated Instruction of a Level 2 EL
Cowan & Sandefur To Dance Vocabulary and Dramatize Comprehension: The Role of the Arts in EL Instruction
Fregeau & Leier Rethinking Pre-service Teacher ESOL Preparation
O’Hara & Pritchard Preparing University Faculty to Meet the Challenge of Diversity
Tabaku & Smallwood The Development of a Framework to Integrate Content with ELP Standards
Staehr Fenner & Kuhlman The TESOL P-12 Professional Teaching Standards
Valdez Pierce Preparing Pre-Service Teachers to Meet TESOL/NCATE Professional Teaching Standards
Zhang & Smolen Designing TESOL Courses for Today’s Professionals

Also in this issue
Success Stories by Cuero, Arreguín-Anderson, & Garza, Elliott & Jacocks, Ingraham, and Sehlaoui

You can read AccELLerate! 4.3 on the NCWELA website in pdf format at: http://www.ncela.gwu.edu/files/uploads/17/Accellerate4_3.pdf

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