April 27, 2012

Resources for Common Core and English Language Learners

A NYSTESOL listserv user recently posted this useful annotated list of resources:

Here are some nice Common Core Resources:

NYS Common Core Bilingual Standards: NYS is revising its ESL and Native Language Arts Standards to align with the ELA Shifts in the Common Core Standards: 1. Balancing Informational and Literary Text, 2. Building Knowledge in the Disciplines, 3. Staircase of Complexity, 4. Text-based Answers, 5. Writing from Sources & 6. Academic Vocabulary

Understanding Language is a new website at Stanford University. Kenji Hakuta and his group are pleased to announce the launch of the website and online community, Understanding Language. It aims to heighten educator awareness of the critical role that language plays in the new Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. The long-term goal of the initiative is to help educators understand that the new Standards cannot be achieved without providing specific attention to the language demands inherent to each content area. They seek to improve academic outcomes for English Language Learners by drawing attention to critical aspects of instructional practice and by advocating for necessary policy supports at the state and local levels.


Several free online videos from Stanford University on English Language Development, Culture, Content Instruction, & L2 Theory & Policy


Free online Content Instruction Videos: How to teach Math, Science and ELA to ELL students


ELLS and the Common Core: Many different resources are offered here by Colorin Colorado.

The Common Core Challenges for ELLs: The suggested guidelines are reasonable but are sometimes vague. Teachers are responsible for making the challenging academic standards accessible to students who must learn rigorous academic content while learning the language in which the content is taught.

Garafalo, D. [nystesol-l] Common Core and ELLs Resources. NYSTESOL listserv (nystesol-l@nystesol.org, 18 Apr 2012).

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