April 27, 2012

Nulu: Study Languages with Current News Articles

Nulu is a new online language learning program that engages students by using current news articles as content. Students can choose an article on a topic that interests them and read it in their target language. While reading the article, students can hover over a word or phrase and get expert human translation of that word or phrase in the context of its sentence.

In addition, students can listen to audio of the article recorded by native voice artists in normal and slow speeds. For any new word or phrase in the article, students can click on it to create a flashcard for review at a later date. At the end of each article, students can answer comprehension questions to reinforce what was learned.

Finally, students can practice their writing skills in the target language by participating in a discussion forum. And for instructors, there's a class management tool that allows them to easily assign articles, customize grading and track student progress.

Nulu, which can be used individually or within a class setting, is available for free for the spring/summer. Nulu currently offers a Spanish program; however, they plan to expand to additional languages in the future. While they do plan to implement a subscription pricing model, there will always be a free version of the program available.

You can watch a demonstration video at http://embed.vidyard.com/landingpage/p25FsBzANSJ7KaVDEJVh7Q

Nulu is available online at http://www.nululanguages.com ; contact Nulu for more information at info at nululanguages dot com or (800) 376-4049 (Option 1).

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