April 1, 2012

March/April Issue of the NCLRC Language Resource Newsletter

From http://www.nclrc.org

This month’s newsletter theme is Connections, which ties neatly to ACTFL’s Discover Languages month. Feature author Jean W. LeLoup makes connections inside and outside the classroom. Nada M. Salem continues her exploration of teaching culture of LCTLs by examining the attitudes students bring with them to class and getting adequate training for teachers. In Crossroads in the Classroom Jack Dalton, Alaska Native, brings a unique look at the way languages used in a story open up a wealth of knowledge about a culture. In Sound Bites, Marcel LaVergne asks, “Is this a Spanish class or a geography class taught in Spanish?” Margaret E. Malone provides us with a template for assessing a performance task based on connections in our Testing Tips column. YANA, aka Sheila W. Cockey, makes connections using reflexive verbs. Jill reviews the survey for Tech for Teachers and offers lots of on-line resources and ideas. In the Special Column Mackenzie Phillips tells us about updates to the Foreign Language Assessment Directory.

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