February 27, 2012

Editorial: Children Can, and Should, Learn More Than One Language

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Editorial: Children can, and should, learn more than one language
February 16, 2012

Houston schools chief Terry Grier has his work cut out trying to boost the vexingly low graduation rate - 30 percent - for students who speak limited English. So it's crucial that the district, and HISD parents too, parse the problem correctly.

In truth, this majority-Hispanic district faces two distinct language challenges. The toughest is educating non-English speakers entering U.S. schools in middle school and high school. Often coming in with severe economic and cultural deficits too, only a third of these youngsters graduate on time.

The district's other challenge, however, is in fact a vast opportunity. Elementary school students who start off as non-English speakers have actually responded resoundingly well to the district's bilingual teaching. As the Chronicle's Ericka Mellon recently reported ("Language barrier still vexes HISD," Page A1, Feb. 2), a healthy 79 percent of these students end up graduating on time.

In fact, longitudinal studies across the state show that kids in at least one type of dual-language program do just as well in English - and better in Spanish - with bilingual education rather than immersion in full-time English-only programs.

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