February 27, 2012

Arabic Classical and Medieval Lit on the Web Guide

The “Arabic classical and medieval literature-on-Web guide” (Guide de la littérature arabe médiévale et classique-sur-Web) is now online (http://www.mom.fr/guides/litterature.pdf). It has been written by Katia Zakharia, Professor of Arabic literature and civilization at the University of Lyon 2 and member of the GREMMO (Group for research and studies about the Mediterranean area and the Middle East).

This guide presents websites providing primary sources in Arabic from the Abbassid period up to the Nahda (included) (8th-19th centuries) and websites providing the necessary tools to read these sources, understand them and study them. It concerns any Internet user, especially University students in Arabic departments.

It is the 13th issue of the series of “Guides for research-on-Web” published online by the Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée (University of Lyon 2 and CNRS i.e. the French National Center of Scientific Research) and directed by Jean-François Legrain (http://www.mom.fr/-Guides-de-la-recherche-sur-Web-.html). Next to 11 guides devoted to countries or current events and to a guide concerning Internet and Social Sciences, this new guide inaugurates the series of Guides dedicated to a discipline. Even if they are in French, all of these guides may help you or help your students (list of the guides on http://www.mom.fr/Liste-et-consultation-des-Guides.html).

Zakharia, K. Arabic-L:LIT:Arabic Classical and Medieval Lit on the Web Guide. Arabic-L listserv (ARABIC-L@LISTSERV.BYU.EDU, 24 Feb 2012).

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