November 10, 2013

November Issue of Language Magazine

The November issue of Language Magazine is available online at

In this issue:

Infants, Words, and Income
Bjorn Carey reports on research showing that two-year-old children of lower-income families may already be six months behind in language development

Taking Europe to Task
Miriam Plieninger explains how the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has influenced intermediate online learning

Cutting to the Common Core: Be the Change
Armando Zúñiga explains how we need to transform the ‘instructional core’ to meet the demands of English language learners in the 21st century

Anglophone Call to Action
Daniel Ward joins supporters of the Languages for All? initiative in their mission to change the dynamic of world language education

Aim to Please
Tania Ruiz overcomes the fear of change to adopt a new teaching methodology

Learning with Your Head in the Clouds
Nepal is the perfect place to brush up on several less commonly taught languages

Chinese at Home
As demand for Chinese soars, so do the opportunities to learn it in its homeland

Life-Changing Learning
Gayatri Surendranathan recounts scholarship success stories abroad

Last Writes
Richard Lederer gives us a sesquicentennial look back at the Gettysburg Address

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