November 24, 2013

NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers in Berlin, Germany


Five-Week-Long NEH Summer Seminar for School Teachers in Berlin, Germany
June 22-July 25, 2014
Migration and German Culture: Berlin's Cultural Diversity Across Two Centuries

The premise behind this seminar is that Berlin (and, for that matter, Germany) is not now and has never been a city composed exclusively of ethnic Germans. In other words, Germany does not correspond to the stereotype that might still exist among your prospective students and their parents. In fact, in ways that Germans themselves are sometimes reluctant to admit, German-speaking central Europe has long been home to French Huguenots, Poles, Western- and Eastern-European Jews, as well as more recent migrants from Italy, the former Yugoslavia, Russia and Turkey, to mention but a few examples of Berlin's cosmopolitan heritage. If we think of Berlin not just as Germany’s capital city, but also as its cosmopolitan capital, we would take into account both the rich cultural life of this multi-national city and the multi-faceted human capital that enabled the growth and development of the German economy.

These projects are designed principally for full-time and part-time classroom teachers and
librarians in public, charter, independent, and religiously affiliated schools, as well as homeschooling parents. Other K-12 school personnel, including administrators, substitute teachers, and classroom professionals, are also eligible to participate.

Applications are due March 4, 2014.

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