November 2, 2013

Call for Papers: The Oklahoma Working Papers in Indigenous Languages


The Oklahoma Working Papers in Indigenous Languages

The publication focuses on issues related to Oklahoma Native languages and other indigenous languages of the Americas, but welcoming research done on any endangered indigenous language. We welcome research on all topics related to Native American languages, especially documentary and descriptive linguistics, language revitalization, community-based collaboration, endangered language teaching and curriculum development, language acquisition, language maintenance, sociolinguistics, discourse and corpus linguistics, language typology and universals, language variation and change, language contact, musicology and ethnopoetics, and language ideologies.

All papers are published in online format only as a free-access publication. All papers are reviewed by faculty and graduate students in linguistic anthropology at OU. As a working paper, publication here does not preclude later publication elsewhere of revised versions of these papers.

The deadline for consideration in the 2014 issue is January 31st, 2014.

For full details, including the submission process, go to

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