November 2, 2013

Mini-Lectures on Russian History Now Available Online

Yale University Press, the publisher of the textbook Advanced Russian through History, has put the mini-lectures, previously on CD-ROM sold with the textbook, on its website at this URL:

You (and your students) can access the lectures directly from this site without cost or registration. The listing of the lectures features the topic of each lecture.

Each speaker is a Russian scholar, including:

Galina Aksenova, MKhAT, Film Studies (lecture on film)
Nikolai Borisov, MGU, History (lectures on early and medieval history)
Gleb Ershov, Smolny Institute and St. Petersburg University, Art History (lectures on art and culture)
Aleksandr Kobrinskii, St. Petersburg Pedagogical University and St. Petersburg Institute of Judaica, History (lectures on Jewish history)
Aleksandr Logunov, RGGU, History (lectures on imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet history and politics)
Maria Tendriakova, RGGU, Anthropology (lectures on women's history)

Each lecture is written and read by the given scholar. Of course the lectures correspond with the texts and exercises in the textbook.

Rifkin, B. [SEELANGS] Mini-Lectures on Russian History On-Line. SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU, 30 Oct 2013).

For more information about the textbook, by Benjamin Rifkin and Olga Kagan with Anna Yatsenko, go to

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