October 6, 2013

October 2013 Issue of Humanizing Language Teaching Magazine

The October 20133 issue of Humanizing Language Teaching magazine is available online at http://www.hltmag.co.uk/oct13/index.htm

Among the articles in this issue:

-Reflection and Feedback: Primary School Teachers of English Take Control
-Who’s the Boss in Your Classroom? Power Relations and Literacy Practices Among Young Children
-Corrective Feedback and Classroom Implications
-Don’t Do Anything For Students That They Can Do For Themselves
-21st Century EFL: Enhancing the Communicative Approach
-Ideas from the Corpora: Avoiding Clichés Like the Plague
-Rethinking Reading Aloud 2: Adapting and Creating texts
-Guidelines for teachers on How to Use Free EFL Graded Reading Texts Raising Awareness about Mobility Disability
-Using Flashcards in the Classroom

Access the entire issue at http://www.hltmag.co.uk/oct13/index.htm

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