May 1, 2013

French, Spanish, and German Online Refresher Course

Do you have students who have completed two years of language and would like to boost their skills this summer? Are you yourself looking for a refresher course? Here’s a good opportunity from the Anderson Language & Technology Center at Colorado University Boulder.

French Course:
German Course:
Spanish Course:

 3-week fully online courses.
 Sessions in May, June and July
 Intermediate level (you've had 2 years o the language before)
 No need to be online at particular times (the 3 weekly Skype sessions are optional)
 $95 for the entire course

Finish the course and receive a letter of completion from your instructor and a digital badge!

The refreshers are offered by the Anderson Language Technology Center. They non-credit online review language courses (French, Spanish and German) that run for three weeks year round. These teacher-led courses review the curriculum of the first two years. Every week deals with a new cultural topic and provides you with opportunities to engage in a variety of speaking, writing, reading and listening activities.

While fully online, these courses are teacher-led and are NOT self-paced. There are assignments due every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you should plan on spending about 9 hours working on the course every week.

You will need daily access to a computer with a high-speed Internet connection, headphones, microphone and a webcam.

Learn more and sign up at

French Course:
German Course:
Spanish Course:

Questions: email at Edwige dot Simon at colorado dot edu or go to

Simon, E. [CCFLT] 3 week online course in French, German and Spanish (CU Boulder). CCFLT listserv (, 29 Apr 2013).

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  1. It is a nice effort of the peoples to give us opportunity of learning and speaking Spanish language but the fees is quite costly.It is a very nice and informative blog


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