May 11, 2013

Sign Language Courses Are Increasingly Popular in U.S. Colleges


Sign language courses in U.S. colleges increasingly popular
By Katy Murphy Oakland Tribune
May 2, 2013

Every year, more college students in the U.S. are learning a new language without uttering a word.

American Sign Language has become one of the most popular language classes, ranking fourth in the latest Modern Language Association Survey -- and nearly shoving German from third place. The number of students taking the language has risen by more than 50 percent in the past decade.

In 1990, few U.S. colleges taught it. Now, the study of American Sign Language is attracting students in fields such as health care, education and linguistics, in addition to those motivated by personal reasons or curiosity.

Interest has been building over the more than two decades since the American Disabilities Act passed, requiring hospitals and agencies to communicate effectively with the deaf and hard of hearing and banning workplace discrimination against people with disabilities.

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