May 24, 2013

SpinTX Video Archive for Texas Spanish

The SpinTX video archive provides a convenient web interface to search hundreds of short video clips extracted from the Spanish in Texas Corpus, a collection of interviews with bilingual speakers. The SpinTX video archive allows users to explore selected content from the corpus in order to learn about language and culture in Texas from local Spanish speakers. Each video clip in the archive is accompanied by a synchronized closed caption and a transcript that has been annotated for thematic content, vocabulary, grammatical and discourse features, and for information about the speaker. Users can search the video archive by keyword and filter their results using the different annotation levels. Educators can automatically highlight or hide selected words or grammatical features within the transcript, tag videos for features that match their interests, and share their favorite collections in playlists.

The SpinTX video archive is available at

Learn more about the Spanish in Texas Corpus at

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