May 1, 2013

Delaware STARTALK Chinese Teacher Program


The Delaware Chinese Immersion STARTALK Program for Teachers is designed to support Chinese language teachers and strengthen their ability to effectively provide input and check for comprehension in a target-language only classroom. This program will provide participants with a standards-based and feedback-rich learning experience through a combination of methods workshops, practicum experiences, and instructional coaching and feedback sessions over the course of sixteen days.

The program will involve participants in three days of pre-camp orientation and professional development followed by a two-week instructional practicum as teachers in a Kindergarten student camp centered around the theme of Mulan. Program Instructors including Dr. Helena Curtain, Lynn Fulton-Archer, and Dr. Xiao Liu will provide an intensive methodology experience that focuses primarily on making input comprehensible and conducting checks for comprehension for early language learners. Prior to and during the student camp, participants will develop materials for and teach lessons focusing on high-frequency, novice-level topics including introducing self and family members, comparing student families to the family of Mulan, stating likes and dislikes about activities, and comparing student interests to Mulan’s interests. Preservice, in-service and alternative-route teacher candidates will implement best practices in instruction and learn to effectively provide input and check for comprehension in an early language learning classroom setting during this residential program.

Program dates: July 18-August 2
 Teacher Pre-camp Orientation: July 18-20
 Student Camp / Practicum: July 22-August 2 (weekdays only)
Program location: Newark, DE
 Orientation and Friday work sessions held at local conference center
 Student Camp held at Downes Elementary School
Housing: Provided (check-in July 17, check out August 2)
Program Cost: None
 Travel allowance available to participants upon successful completion of the full program
 Application Documents: DEADLINE MAY 30, 2013

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