February 9, 2013

Student Creative Story Contests

From http://www.chalkboard-productions.com/contest.html

Do you know a French, Spanish or German student who loves to write stories? Here's their opportunity to shine! Chalkboard Productions introduces a series of writing contests to encourage budding writers to write in their new language. We'll give the students 3 structures in the target language, and then let the students' imaginations go free! Any genre of story is eligible. Students can enter as many stories as they want (each story requires a paid entry fee of $1, story entries are sold in multiples of $5). Each story has a 300 word maximum and must be completely in the language of that contest.

 Maximum word count = 300 words
 Maximum age = 18 years old
 Maximum number of stories a student can enter = unlimited!

Students must submit their stories by February 28.

For full details go to http://www.chalkboard-productions.com/contest.html

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