February 24, 2013

Competition: Visualizing the Classics

From http://apaclassics.org

Anvil Academic and Dickinson College Commentaries announce the availability of a $1,000 prize for the best scholarly visualization of data in the field of classical studies submitted during 2013. Two runners-up will be awarded prizes of $500 each. Submissions must include:

 one or more visual representations of data that involves some linguistic component (Latin, Greek, or another ancient language of the Greco-Roman worlds), but may also include physical, geospatial, temporal, or other data;
 a research question and narrative argument that describes the conclusions drawn from the data and the visualization; and
 the source data itself.

Submissions in any and all sub-fields of classical studies, including pedagogical approaches, are welcome from any individual or team.

Deadline for submission: December 31, 2013

For full details go to http://apaclassics.org/index.php/apa_blog/apa_blog_entry/competition_visualizing_the_classics

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