February 24, 2013

Job: Russian Instructor in Monterey


DEFINITION: The Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP) provides beginning, intermediate level, and some advanced language instruction in an intensive format to approximately 160 undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals for 8 weeks every summer. Under supervision of the Language Program Coordinator and the SILP Director, language instructors provide intensive instruction through a communicative approach to language teaching using authentic contexts, assessments and materials for the Summer Intensive Language Program.

•    Teach assigned language 4.5 hour per day plus one office hour per day, Monday through Friday
•    Attend three-day pre-program training workshop
•    Participate in first-day student orientation and placement
•     Participate in administering and scoring pre- and post program proficiency and placement tests
•    Collaborate with the language program coordinator, other instructors and tutors/activity guide to establish relevant co-curricular out-of-class activities for your students
•    Participate in at least one extra-curricular activity with students per week and help promote out-of-class activities
•    Collaborate with Language Program Coordinator in the development of end-of-session tests
•    Prepare comprehensive syllabus including course description, course goals and objectives, assessment guidelines for students as well as required class material(s) based on pre-established curricular guidelines and template
•    Prepare classes and provide instruction based on communicative language teaching and the use of authentic instructional materials
•    Collaborate with program faculty and Language Coordinator to develop Fluency Component curriculum materials for program use
•    Collaborate with other instructors and tutors to provide seamless transition between instructions and tutoring in team-teaching and tutoring contexts
•    Work closely with tutors to establish students’ needs for support outside the classroom
•    Provide peer support to other faculty members as necessary
•    Keep track of student progress by regularly implementing appropriate formal and informal assessment as articulated by program administration and completing grade reports as requested
•    Attends pre-, mid-, and post-program faculty meetings


•     MA or PhD in language, language teaching or related field strongly preferred
•    2+ years of previous language teaching experience in the target language
•    Native or near-native language ability
•    Previous experience teaching in intensive program strongly preferred
•    Previous experience in content or project-based instruction strongly preferred

•    Excellent teaching and interpersonal communication skills
•    Familiarity with communicative teaching practices and use of authentic materials to teach foreign language
•    Proven dedication to excellence in language teaching
•    Willingness and ability to become acquainted and comply with SILP processes and regulations as well as Institute policies.
Physical Requirements/Environment
•    The Monterey Institute maintains a smoke-free/drug-free workplace

•     Curriculum Vitae and cover letter detailing all relevant teaching and language experience, a brief description of your teaching philosophy, and your interest in the position
•    Two letters of recommendation from previous teaching experience (evaluations are not required but would be appreciated).

Applications for SILP employment will be accepted through our on-line application process. Please apply on the Human Resources webpage at https://middlebury.peopleadmin.com/postings/search?utf8=%E2%9C%93&query=&query_v0_posted_at_date=&query_position_type_id=4&query_organizational_tier_1_id=184&query_organizational_tier_3_id=any&735=&1248=&1953=&1956=&commit=Search

Montanez, P. [SEELANGS] Russian Instructor in Monterey. SEELANGS listserv (SEELANGS@LISTSERV.UA.EDU, 20 Feb 2013).

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