February 9, 2013

Book: Revitalising Indigenous Languages

From http://www.multilingual-matters.com/display.asp?isb=9781847698872

Revitalising Indigenous Languages: How to Recreate a Lost Generation
By Marja-Liisa Olthuis, Suvi Kivelä, and Tove Skutnabb-Kangas
Published by Multilingual Matters

Summary: The book tells the story of the Indigenous Aanaar Saami language (around 350 speakers) and cultural revitalization in Finland. It offers a new language revitalization method that can be used with Indigenous and minority languages, especially in cases where the native language has been lost among people of a working age. The book gives practical examples as well as a theoretical frame of reference for how to plan, organize and implement an intensive language program for adults who already have professional training. It is the first time that a process of revitalization of a very small language has been systematically described from the beginning; it is a small-scale success story. The book finishes with self-reflection and cautious recommendations for Indigenous peoples and minorities who want to revive or revitalize their languages.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.multilingual-matters.com/display.asp?isb=9781847698872

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