August 18, 2012

Internet Sites in support of Al-Kitaab

From the Arabic-L listserv:

We would like to introduce you to three teaching resources that could be useful for teachers of Arabic in general and those using the Alif Baa and Al-Kitaab, Part I, 3rd edition textbooks in particular. These resources are accessible at the following websites free of any charge:

This site provides detailed schedules, lesson plans, activities, and sample exams for the 10 units in Alif Baa, 3rd edition. The site is complete and ready to welcome all teachers.

Provides detailed schedules, lesson plans, activities, and sample exams for the first 12 lessons in Al-Kitaab, part I, Third Edition. Please note that this site is still under construction and more lesson plans are now being uploaded.

Provides day-by-day videos of actual Arabic classes taught at the University of Texas, Austin using Alif-Baa and Al-Kitaab Part I, 3rd edition. The videos cover all units of Alif Baa and the first 12 lessons in Al-Kitaab Part I. The videos are divided into two groups: MaSri and Shaami based on the "flavor" of Arabic introduced in class. We believe that these videos will be of great value not only to those teachers using Al-Kitaab series but to all teachers of Arabic as well.

We encourage all colleagues to visit these sites and hope that they will find them useful. For any questions, please contact Mahmoud Al-Batal at albatal at austin dot utexas dot edu.

alf salaam,
Mahmoud Al-Batal

Arabic-L:PEDA:Internet Sites in support of Al-Kitaab. Arabic-L listserv (ARABIC-L@LISTSERV.BYU.EDU, 16 Aug 2012).

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