August 26, 2012

22nd Annual International National Association for Multicultural Education Conference


22nd Annual International NAME Conference:
NOV. 28–DEC. 1st in Philadelphia
Realizing the Power of Movements through Multicultural Education

The 22nd Annual International Conference of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) will explore the role of multicultural education in movements toward equity and social justice at the local, national, and global levels.

From pre-K to higher education, from classroom teaching to student support to school leadership to community advocacy to educational research, advocates and practitioners of multicultural education have long played and continue to play critical roles in movements to make our schools and societies better places for all. NAME’s 2012 Conference provides a rare and unique opportunity to share resources, build networks, confront challenges, and renew our senses of possibility and hope.

Visit the conference website to learn more and to register:

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