April 1, 2012

Wiki: Arabic Culture in the Classroom

Arabic Culture in the Classroom is an online workspace of open source audiovisuals, with the purpose of exposing learners of Arabic to culture: http://arabicculture.pbworks.com/w/page/29964513/Arabic%20Culture%20in%20the%20Classroom

From the wiki:

“The purpose is to have handy a wide variety of audiovisual texts that can serve as a platform to expose learners of Arabic to cultural input on a daily basis, either as a warm-up in the classroom or as a text that is showed, taught or discussed on its own. Therefore, different genres and points of view are presented in this website in the hope that they represent Arabic cultural trends as faithfully as possible.

“The video-clips you will find here are in English and/or in Arabic, either subtitled or not, and some are accompanied by tips for exploiting these materials, or worksheets for students to work inside or outside the classroom. Approaching the subject matter using non-traditional approaches like this one makes it suitable for different levels of language proficiency, and it makes it easy to expose students to different registers of the language and the Culture and bridge between these.”

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