April 1, 2012

New Teaching Materials: Korean

The Center for Advanced Language Proficiency Education and Research’s Korean Project, headed by Project Director Dr. Susan Strauss (Penn State), has published two new units (3 & 4) in the series "Discourse, Genre, and the National Standards." They are now available for download.

Materials Overview: The central theme of Units 1 - 4 are major Korean holidays: 설, 보름, 단오, and 추석. The units open with a brief description of each holiday and its importance within Korean culture. Each unit then branches off in directions that relate these events to other issues in Korean daily life: traditional culture, foods, health and well-being, cultural values and practices, family, travel, weather, and so forth. Each unit is designed to both provide a variety of discourse genres, e.g., expository writing, narrative, recipes, e-mail, interview, chat, blog, and so forth, and have students interact within these various genres. The final section of each unit discusses the specific types of discourse genres used as text in the unit, and isolates particular features of each genre for further study.

Go to the download page at http://calper.la.psu.edu/publication.php?page=kordg&utm_source=April+2012&utm_campaign=E-News+April+2012&utm_medium=email

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