April 1, 2012

New book: Tamil Language in Context: A Comprehensive Approach to Learning Tamil

Title: Tamil Language in Context: A comprehensive approach to learning Tamil
Author: Vasu Renganathan
Published by the University of Pennsylvania

This book has just been published along with a DVD containing all of the audio and video files in addition to the entire content of the website http://www.southasia.upenn.edu/tamil . The lessons in this book represent a much improved version of the web materials with a pedagogically organized content comprising of graded glossaries, readings, cultural information, grammar, and dialogues. A detailed grammar of Tamil in a graded fashion from simple to complex forms, a comprehensive discussion on the culture, customs and habits of Tamils, illustrations on the diglossic nature of Tamil, discussion on foreign language influence in Tamil and agglutinative property of Tamil words are some of the information that are covered in this book rather thoroughly. A distinction between formal and informal variety of Tamil is maintained throughout the book so as to learn both written and spoken forms of Tamil in a systematic manner. The videos that are included in the DVD illustrate select number of speech situations as filmed in authentic speech contexts in Tamil Nadu. Importantly, this book is not only meant for Tamil language learners of both heritage and non-native speakers (beginning to advanced learners), it can also be used by native speakers of Tamil and Tamil researchers who intend to learn about the Tamil language from both linguistic and sociological points of views.

This book is made available for purchase from the link: http://www.thetamillanguage.com/book

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