April 8, 2012

Iowa World Language Association Grants and Awards

From http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=797169&mode=PostView&bmi=869559

Iowa language teachers, you can nominate a colleague for one of the following awards:

Distinguished Service Award (http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=1222671 )
Educator of the Year Award (http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=797224 )
Michael Oates Teacher of Promise Award http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=1131259 )
ISE Language Matters Award (for a high school teacher, includes $250 grant) (http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=1001031 )

You can also apply for IWLA grants; the application form and rubric are available at http://www.iwla.net/Default.aspx?pageId=914538

The deadline for all nominations and applications is April 30.

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