April 1, 2012

Funtasticface: Resource for Practicing Descriptions

From http://www.scribd.com/doc/86766210/CCFLT-Newsletter-April-2012

Sarah Sexton recently suggested some ideas for using technology in the April 2012 Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers newsletter. One of them is Funtasticface, a website where you and your students can upload a photo of a face and then transform it by changing features or adding accessories.

Ms. Sexton suggests the following activity:
“My students used Funtasticface to give before and after descriptions of people. They used the imperfect to describe what someone used to look like and the present to show what they look like now. My students wrote the descriptions, but you could also use it as an oral presentation to the class. It’s a great way to practice adjective placement and agreement. My kids posted their photos and descriptions on a wiki in Blackboard, but they could also print it out or upload it to another online source.”

Funtasticface is available at http://www.funtasticface.com

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