December 22, 2011

Job: American Sign Language; Course Development: Teacher, Mango Languages


Organization: Mango Languages
Job Rank: Teacher
Specialty Areas: Language Acquisition; Course Development
Required Language: American Sign Language

A course developer uses their native-language expertise to develop an entire on-line language course while working in cooperation with team members until course is successfully completed.

- Create lessons based on relevant and real conversations. A course developer is responsible for creating a language course that teaches practical and pragmatic lessons based on real conversations using company software and methodologies. Content will need to be precise and comprehensive, teaching language and culture by producing an optimal and natural language learning experience for the student. - Ensure exceptional translations. The course developer must be an excellent translator who provides literal translations, understood meanings and idiomatic expressions where necessary.
- Create original culture and grammar notes to accompany lessons. In addition to the conversation, the developer will include grammar and culture notes that provide the student with insightful explanations of culture and grammar when needed.

- Native Speaker: Course developers must be native speakers of ASL, which includes a thorough understanding of grammar, culture, and idiomatic expressions.
- Fluent in English. The courses are developed for English speakers. Full understanding and fluency of the English language and its grammar is needed for course creation.
- Bachelor's Degree in Teaching ASL as a Foreign Language, Second Language Acquisition, Linguistics or Foreign Language Teaching.
- 2 Years ASL Language Teaching Experience Preferred.
- Flexible scheduling: All work will be done online. Need to have availability of a minimum of 20 hours a week.
- Ability to work well with other team members.
- Reliable internet connection and basic computer skills.
- Excellent time management and communication skills.

Application Deadline: 10-Jan-2012 (Open until filled)

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