December 31, 2011

Alma Flor Ada’s Birthday, and the Immigrant Experience: Resources from the Annenberg Foundation

Alma Flor Ada was born on January 3, 1938.

Alma Flor Ada, featured in workshop 7, “Social Justice and Action,” ( ) of Teaching Multicultural Literature: A Workshop for Middle Grades, wrote “My Name Is María Isabel,” a book about the immigrant experience. In the video, students use the reading to discuss immigrant expectations and realities. This program includes an interview with Alma Flor Ada, ( ), born in Cuba and an immigrant to Peru and the United States.

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  1. Thanks for posting this video. It was an extraordinary moment to share experiences with these students. Instead of the simple questions I'm so used to hear, they began by asking me "How did you cross the river?" and other similar questions assuming I had gone through the same struggles that they hear about from their own families or that they have experienced themselves. Even though I'm very familiar with similar stories it was powerful to have them discussed so openly in a classroom. I gratefully congratulate the teachers that understand the liberating nature of true education.All best wishes to everyone reading these words.


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