December 31, 2011

Indiana University Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages


The Indiana University Summer Workshop in Slavic, East European and Central Asian Languages provides up to 200 participants in Slavic, East European, and Central Asian languages the opportunity to complete a full year of college language instruction during an eight-week summer session.

Utilizing the resources of Indiana University's own specialists as well as native speakers from other universities and abroad, the Summer Workshop has developed and maintained a national program of the highest quality. Allowing all participants to pay in-state tuition fees, the program has as its goal the enhancement of speaking, reading, listening and writing skills through classroom instruction and a full range of extra-curricular activities. Fellowships and funding are available.

The 2012 Summer Workshop will offer the following language programs*

Russian Language Programs
Nine-week session, First year, Level 1: May 29-July 27
Eight-week session, First (Level 2) to Sixth year (Level 9): June 04-July 27
Five-week session, First year, Level 1: May 29-June 29
Four-week session, First (Level 2) to Sixth year (Level 9): June 04-June 29

East and Central European Languages (June 04-July 27)
First** and Second year Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
First year Czech**
First year Hungarian**
First year Polish
First year Romanian**
First year Yiddish
** Tuition will be waived for graduate students specializing in any field of East European studies.

Languages of Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Middle East (June 04-July 27)
First, Second, and Third year Arabic (Nine-week program: May 29- July 27)
First and Second year Dari
First year Georgian
First year Kazakh
First year Mongolian
First and Second year Pashto
First year Persian
First year Tatar
First year Turkish
First and Second year Uyghur
First and Second year Uzbek

*All language offerings are contingent on enrollment.

The deadline for applications for FLAS and Title VIII fellowships is March 1. All application materials must be received by this date to be considered. Applications for admission from students not applying for funding are considered on a rolling basis. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure space is available.

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