December 31, 2011

Chinese Take-In: Listening Exercises


Chinese Take-In provides an interactive environment where first-year Chinese learners can practice listening outside the classroom according to individual needs and paces while receiving immediate feedback. Chinese Take-In helps first-year Chinese learners improve their listening comprehension.

The design of each passage or dialogue is an attempt to approach real-life communications. The ultimate goal of these exercises is for learners of Chinese to integrate their linguistic and background knowledge when listening. Your task is to make interpretations of what you hear; this means that you must listen carefully. You may have to employ your ability to make logical inferences, just as you would when communicating in real life.

All the vocabulary words and grammar structures in these exercises are based on the textbooks (PCR I & II, Lesson 1 - Lesson 40) used at the University of Texas at Austin for first-year Chinese I & II (CHI506 and CHI507) as of the fall semester of 2009. There are a total of 30 units; with the exception of the first two, each unit corresponds to a lesson in the textbooks.

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