April 7, 2011

Updated Bibliography of Materials for Spanish for Spanish Speakers

From http://www.cal.org/sns/resources/bibliographies.html

This list of Spanish textbooks and materials used in instruction of Spanish Native and Heritage Speakers was originally gathered for the LangNet Annotated Bibliography Project at the Center for Applied Linguistics in the summer of 2001 by Cathy Stafford and Paula Winke, with funding from the National Foreign Language Center. In 2010, this bibliography was updated with both newer materials and newer editions by Anne Musica and Jacqueline López, with input from Lillian Gorman.

Each entry includes the following:
•Textbook and material name (in bold)
•Year of publication
•Publisher (when available)
•Type of material (workbook, textbook, CD)
•Level the materials are use in
•Skills taught
•Types of students the materials are designed for (native Spanish speakers, native and non-native speakers, intended for non-native speakers, but can be adapted for use with native speakers
•Brief annotation
•Link to a publisher or book on Amazon

Download this document from http://www.cal.org/sns/pdfs/sns-annotated-bibliography-Jan2011-version.pdf

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