April 17, 2011

Book: Second Language Competence: The Acquisition of Complex Syntax in Spanish

From http://www.c-s-p.org/Flyers/Second-Language-Competence--The-Acquisition-of-Complex-Syntax-in-Spanish1-4438-2701-0.htm

Second Language Competence: The Acquisition of Complex Syntax in Spanish
Author: Rocío Pérez Tattam
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

Description: This volume looks at the development of linguistic competence and convergence in second language acquisition by analysing the acquisition of complex syntax by non-native learners of Spanish. It looks at the knowledge that is transferred from the native language and the changes that occur as learners become more proficient. It focuses on a particular class of grammatical constructions that are central to understanding the transition from simple to complex syntax in language development: Control, Raising and Exceptional Case Marking structures. Theoretical syntax has dealt extensively with the properties of these constructions. As well as a comprehensive review of seminal and current theories, this volume presents an empirical study informed by these theories that ultimately seeks to bridge the gap between linguistic theory and its applications.

Visit the publisher’s website at http://www.c-s-p.org/Flyers/Second-Language-Competence--The-Acquisition-of-Complex-Syntax-in-Spanish1-4438-2701-0.htm

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