April 17, 2011

Language Educator Development E-learning Modules

From http://www.waflt.org/asp/modules/about.htm

The Language Educator Development E-learning Modules reach out to Language instructors and preservice teachers as they continue their professional growth as world language educators. These modules assist with the integration of Standards for Learning World Languages, Curriculum Planning, and Performance-based Assessment. In addition, they help educators meet some of the requirements of National Board Certification and the new WI Professional Development Plan.

Each module is made up of multiple sections that are designed to take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Some sections may require additional time for reading. The module sections include: remember, learn, connect-reflect. Some modules may have multiple instances of a section and/or include an expansion activity.

Access is free for Wisconsin Association For Language Teachers members; others must pay. Learn more at http://www.waflt.org/asp/modules/about.htm

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