March 12, 2011

Federal Service Foreign Language Academy: Russian, Chinese, and Arabic


In the academy, high school students will learn the fundamentals of Arabic, Chinese, or Russian, while earning Georgia high school course credit. There are also job available for teachers who want to teach in the academy this summer.

Here is a description of the program for high school students:
For twenty-one consecutive days, you will be immersed in the language and culture in an academic environment hosted by North Georgia College & State University in partnership with the Georgia Department of Education. You will live and dine on campus as you complete the program which entails general academic study to help you prepare for a possible internationally-oriented career in federal government, and a physical fitness component designed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Here is a description of the job duties for teachers:
-Session Dates: Two cohort sessions of three week duration or 21 consecutive days. First Cohort: June 12-July 1; Second Cohort: July 10-July 29
-Class Ratio: 16 students to one teacher; Two counselors (cadet mentors proficient in target language) will be assigned to each cohort language group
-Teacher Compensation: Free room and board provided (if desired); $1,000 per week ($6,000 total); Six days of instruction per week; Six hours a day; Additional activities and study time will be planned for evenings.
-Two Field Trips Per Session: 1) Teacher directed and language specific (First Saturday); 2) A consolidated adventure trip for all students (Second Saturday)

Learn more about the program, which is open to students from outside of Georgia as well, at

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