March 20, 2011

Russian Teacher Program: Preparing Russian Teachers for the 21st Century


Russian Teacher Program
Preparing Russian Teachers for the 21st Century

July 11-22, 2011 at the University of Washington Language Learning Center in Denny Hall.

The STARTALK Teacher Program, Preparing Russian Teachers for the 21st Century, aims to enroll ten or more teachers who are working toward obtaining a P-12 World Language Endorsement in Russian for teaching Russian language in Washington K-12 public schools. The program is designed to teach them the content knowledge needed to pass the Washington Educator Skills Test - Endorsement (WEST-E) for World Languages and the pedagogical experience that would prepare them for the Performance-Based Pedagogical Assessment (PPA) for those teachers for whom it is required for state endorsement, and to provide scholarship assistance to complete the required assessments (WEST-E and ACTFL OPI and WPT). Priority will be given to teachers who already hold a teaching certificate, but want to earn a P-12 Endorsement in Designated World Language Russian. This Teacher Program will prepare native (or near native) speakers of Russian to teach in a standards and content-based program, focused on developing communicative proficiency and accuracy in heritage speakers of Russian.

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