March 21, 2011

Virtual Library of ESL Lesson Plans

The Second Edition of the North Carolina ESL Curriculum Guide is available at . Designed to allow flexibility for instructors, to cover adult civic living content, to leave textbook choice open, to anticipate limited classroom computer access, and to permit teachers to start at any point in the civic living content, the project

* anticipates the use of BEST or CASAS as assessment instruments,
* uses internet resources for the civic living content of the curriculum and gives some internet options for the classroom but does not require computer access for students or teacher in the classroom,
* permits instructors to use any good ESL text as a basis for guiding language instruction and exercises,
* provides a list of competencies to be achieved in each lesson,
* suggests activities for multiple language levels within each lesson
* allows instructors to modify and/or create materials to achieve the appropriate combination of language-specific and civics-specific activity,
* requires that instructors have internet access at home, at school, or at the local library, and
* requires access to a copier for classroom handouts.

Learn more about the curriculum guide and access the lessons at

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