December 8, 2013

Germany Announces 2013 Youth Words of the Year


The German initiative Jugendwort des Jahres ("young person’s word of the year") has declared the winning word for 2013 to be Babo ("boss" or "leader"), above fame ("great, super, popular") and gediegen (literally, "dignified," but here, "great/cool"). In places four and five came In your face (that’s straight up) and Hakuna matata (no problem, no worries).

Since 2008, young people in Germany have been invited each year to submit and discuss their favorite words on . The voting starts mid-year and involves the top 30 words. The most popular go through to the next round and are submitted at the beginning of November to a jury made up of a range of language specialists. The jury chooses the winner from the top 15, as well as the words that place second to fifth.

Visit the Jugenwort website at

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